Living the Dream

Living the Dream depicts a day in the life of a call centre worker; entering a repetitive cycle of long hours, mundane tasks and dreary surroundings. He works dealing with complaints for an ubiquitous Payday Loan Company (LOL Debts), his days merge with his nights until the two are inseparable.  



Envious of reported figures for the average UK wage and living circumstances which seem both unobtainable and absurd in equal measure; the worker is susceptible to advertisements promising to elevate his social status. A mantra for self-development and for getting ahead in the modern workplace forms a voiceover narrative in contrast to the daily experiences he is hoping to overcome.

The worker is detached from his social environment yet fascinated by figures there to ensure his obedience; these shadowy authority figures follow his every move, ready to punish him at any moment for failing to adhere to routine social norms. Yet gradually their intimate presence becomes an unexpected source of comfort. Ultimately, there is a sense of security in the knowledge of being continually watched, of being worthy of study if nothing else.