John O'Hare Exhibitions

Meshes Presents Exp01; Genesis Cinema, London, May 2018
 North West Artist Film Programme; Spit That Out, HOME Manchester, Jan 2018
The Projection Room, the Unstitute, Jan-Mar 2018
Shared Sight Film Festival, MATCA, Cluj-Napoca, Sep 2017
The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival, London, Nov 2016
CICA Museum, South Korea, Aug-Sep 2016
Compromised Collaborations, Huddersfield Media Centre, May-Aug 2016
Water Tower Arts Fest, Sofia, Jun 2016
Fringe Arts Bath, May-Jun 2016
Wellington Underground Film Festival, May 2016
Paradise Now, B Arts, Stoke on Trent, Mar 2016
The Roadside Museum, Basement Arts Project, Leeds, May 2015
Degrees of Freedom, London, Jan 2015
The Roadside Museum, Venn Projects, Blackpool Sep-Oct 2014           
Transient Arts, Birmingham, Aug 2014
Bakhtin as PraxisRoyal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Jul 2014
Formal Interference, Le Murate, Florence Centre for Contemporary Art, May 2014
Protest!Periscope, Salzburg, Apr-May 2014
Cascades, Art Licks, London, Oct 2013
Water Tower Art Fest, Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art, Jun 2013
Text & Context, Cambridge, Oct 2012
Capital Offense, Beacon Arts, Los Angeles, Jan 2012
International Art Space Station, National Centre for the Arts, Mexico City, Oct 2011
Artside, Southend-on-Sea, Jul 2011
Economies of Resistance, Tooting Market London (May) & WCS Liverpool City of Radicals (Jul) 2011
Urban, Stramash Space, Glasgow, Sep 2010
Away Day, Wandle Park, London, May 2010
Dialogue Box, Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, Nov-Dec 2009
Subversive Correspondence, Broadwalk Arts, Bristol & Willesden Green, London, Jun-Aug 2009

Fringe Arts Bath, May 2009

Fear and Optimism, Workstation, Sheffield, Feb 2009
SALE, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, Jan 2009
Signs of Life Liverpool Biennial Independents (installations in an abandoned terrace house) & Wandle Park London (publicly sited interventions), Nov 2008
Interchange, Mercy, CCP Liverpool Biennial Independents, Oct-Nov 2008
Open Spaces Open Places - commission, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton, Oct 2006 

Hypogeal, Basement Arts Project, Leeds 2017
The New Utopians, Sites of Desire, online publication 2016
The Roadside Museum - Reviewed by Corridor8 & previewed in Leeds List 2015
Rubbish and Other Crap, Alice Bradshaw, 2015
Art Reveal magazine issue 9 2015
Water Tower Manifest Magazine, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm 2014
The Roadside Museum Reviewed by AltBlackpool & previewed in Blackpool Gazette 2014
It All Started When the Days Seemed Quite Plain, Banner Repeater & ICA Bookshop, London, artist book curated by Sarah Carne 2013
Dystopia, G39, Cardiff 2012
Interventions Part 2: Palette-Pallet (Andrew Bracey, John O'Hare), artist book curated by Anneka French 2010

Wolstenholme Projects (2006-09)
Normal Service Will Resume, Sep 2009
Recycled Frequencies, May 2009
After the Curtain Falls, Jan 2009
Wolstenholme Screenings, Aug 2008
Faintly Drawn Lines, Nov 2008
Brief Encounters, Oct-Nov 2008
Closer, Jan-Feb 2008
Eyes, Lies & Stories, Aug 2007
Wireless, Nov 2006
Round One Way, Sep 2006

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