It all started when the days seemed quite plain

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Memo-Pig from Acronymise Me - creating a foundation guide to memorising office jargon
(papier-mache sculpture from recycled office waste paper)
"It all started when the days seemed quite plain" was a publication edited by artist/curator Sarah Carne.

The project explored the secret endeavours of artists working in roles alternate to their being an artist; in institutions, museums, public galleries, and prisons, taking the premise of the production of artwork still going on secretly under desks: ‘under the radar’, so to speak, as they carry out their day-jobs.

The book reveals a selection of artworks and thoughts about these situations, the contributor’s responses stretching and questioning the original remit. 
The book was launched at Banner Repeater (Hackney Downs, London) and is available through Ti Pi Tin

                                                                                                                                    Memo-Pig detail

My contribution explored administrative bureaucracy and the proliferation of technical jargon in governmental advisory groups (the one in question providing advice on the farmed environment). I attempted to create a bespoke guide to memorising acronyms in order to create a more efficient front of house customer relations role. Using the multitude of forms we receive on a daily basis, which quickly become waste paper, I prepared a papier-mâché farm animal to which each new acronym could be stuck to along with its definition. The “memo-pig” lived in an office cupboard for the period of the project.