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Pallet Series

Pallet Series began as a colour-field painting exercise, appropriating standard-sized packing pallets. It provided a visual pun making connections between themes of taste and construction, labour, art and the everyday.




Pallet Series was developed for the Interventions publication (curated by Anneka French) and the documentation of project was exhibited as part of the exhibition Urban, at Stramash Space, Glasgow.

50 discarded wooden standard-sized packing crates (pallets each 120cm x 100cm) were brought to the studio to be repaired, cleaned, sanded, then eventually primed and painted. Different combinations of contrasting colours were used so as to make every pallet unique. Finally the contours of the pallet were painted with black lines in order to emphasise the physical structure of the object.

Numerous shipping companies  and local businesses were approached to adopt some of these luxury hand-crafted pallets on their supply and delivery circuits or within everyday use. Once a batch of pallets had been accepted, delivery logistics teams and staff were requested to attempt to keep track of some of the pallets in order for the painted pallet to be documented in-situ.