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Economies of Resistance Liverpool

Wolstenholme Creative Space,

Liverpool, July 2011 

 Imagine a society in which financial institutions gamble away our money and blame the public when it is gone; where profits are privatised but risk and real cost is socialised. A society in which the arts sector bears the brunt of public-spending cuts because the public are to be anaesthetised and atomised, facilitating complacency with authority and the standardisation of labour. Imagine a place where inequality thwarts social mobility and where privilege creates lasting class divisions......Imagine an age of austerity.

The approaches of the selected artists conveyed a subtle range of social, political and cultural messages, featuring new work from Holly Crawford, Karl Kolley, Paul Matosic, Nabi Nara, Arjuna Neuman, Annick Naour, SilentBill, The Artwertease® and Del Whitticase.


            Holly Crawford                                                                       Nabi Nara

Organised for Liverpool City of Radicals, celebrating the centenary of the general strike. The project was hosted by Wolstenholme Creative Space. With special thanks to Priya Sharma, Caroline Smith & Ruth Who.
Please visit economiesofresistance.blogspot.com for further information and images.