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Dumped was a project for Text & Context, Cambridge (now Art Language Location). It involved participants of various professions, skills and talents that were invited to analyse, examine and interpret the unusual items of rubbish found deposited in people's bicycle baskets in Cambridge. The various specialist opinions enabled insight to be gained into the lives of the culprits through what their litter might have suggested about themselves and perhaps about us all.

A collection of the responses were published in a limited edition booklet that was available from the following independent stores: Camcycles, Cycle Repair Shop & H.Gee (along Mill Road), and Plurabelle Books (off Purbeck Road). The booklets were illustrated with photographs documenting the project taken by Maciej Pawlikowski (www.halo-photo.com.) There was a reading of the work on Cambridge 105FM by actors Katy Slater and Sue Schilperoort.

Some excerpts from the booklet are below.

Items found (Kings Parade):

    Frayed bloodied dental floss; A paper coffee cup, carefully torn bills and statements, a crisp packet stuffed with tangerine peel and cling film.


You are a go-getter, you know what you want: the world is not quite your oyster, more of a rubber ball that you bounce off the walls. Definitely a Leo, you pack your own lunch! Soon your financial plans will reach fruition. Perhaps it’s that promotion you’ve been waiting for. Keep your eyes on the skies because in 2012 a rare transit of Venus will present a fantastic opportunity for you. There is also a steamy affair on the horizon, naughty, naughty!
Dave Plume, amateur astrologist, Braintree

Items found (Melbourne Place):

    A clear plastic bag, empty but for a garage receipt: £15.00 of diesel, and sundry purchases, a Mars Bar, Twix, and can of Fanta.

Fanta is short for fantasie (which is the German word for imagination) was first sold in Germany in 1941. Its recipe was a cunning way around shortages of the parent company’s Coca Cola syrup using ingredients that didn’t need importing and because the Nazi’s wanted to get rid of foreign products. As Coca Cola was a prominent sponsor of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, there was a growing market which they didn’t want to lose with the prospect of war, and besides soldiers make thirsty customers. But as their slogan says hey ‘more Fanta, less serious.’
Emma Wright, Graphic Design BA student, Stevenage

Items found (St Andrew’s Street):

    A single Union Jack wing mirror cover; an empty two litre bottle of Coke Zero


Vexiphobia is an irrational fear of flags. Flags are the last decaying popular symbols of political ideology. Vague and empty receptacles just like a crumpled fizzy drink bottle that promised the way toward a healthier lifestyle. We are expected to stand to attention beneath flopping rags to unite us in an epic theatre were dreams compete endlessly. You cling to those chasing fame and glory whilst history silently rolls by in all its ordinariness and violence. All of this washed down with Pop to the point of stomach cramps and the occasional nightmare. 
Stewart Crowe, Archivist, Grantchester