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My work is multi-disciplinary with a focus on colour and surface as metaphors for conflict. I take a melodramatic and surreal approach to social critique, amongst other things.   

I am intrigued by the idea that societal progression entails a continual cycle of renewal and obsolescence. I envision the worker artisan to be navigating a wasteland of discarded appliances and unfashionable ideas as they battle obsolescence by continual self-assessment and reinvention. Decay, deterioration and neglect are central themes of my practice.

My work attempts to pit artistic autonomy against the neo-liberal and utilitarian; where the neo-liberal environment demands an artist asserts their usefulness in order to survive. Works explore the conflicts between an idealistic vision and the practicality of realising it. I am interested in how a utopian goal can be degraded by a determined approach to realise it with limited or unrealistic resources.

I have recently exhibited at the Florence Centre for Contemporary Art, Water Tower Art Fest, Sofia, and the Royal Art Academy Stockholm.

Contact: freespaceprojects at gmail dot com